SwePharm has a laboratory for quality control, research and development. SwePharm co-operates with several well-known institutions, which gives the company a unique position to:

Study active substances
Develop new methods to measure levels of active substances
Investigate new lines of plants
Develop new products

scientific board:

Brodelius Peter, Prof. (Biochemistry & Biotechnology, University of Kalmar)
Bülow Leif, Prof. (Pure & Applied Biochemistry, University of Lund)
Fischer Lutz, Prof.(Department of Biotechnology, Institute of Food Technology,University of Hohenheim)
Olbe Lars, M.D., Dr. (The Institute of Gastrointestinal Research)
Thörn Eva, Dir., Dr. (Nordic gene bank, Alnarp)
Westman Gunnar, Dr. (Organic chemistry, Chalmers, Gothenburg)

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